What do we offer ?

Monthly Nûby lunch

Every month we have a nice & tasty lunch all together.


You can enjoy an attractive salary supplemented with numerous extra-legal benefits.

International character

You will be working in an internationally active company that continues to grow every year.


Nothing is more important than the team. And that's what we make an effort to do.


Personal growth and development is very important for us.


Sliding hours & homework.

Our philosophy

At Nûby, we strive every day to improve the well-being of your entire family.

We do this by creating innovative, functional and fun products that ensure the safe and healthy development of children. In this way, we want to help you cherish your loved ones at every stage.


Nûby makes the lives of both parents and children easier, happier and more colorful.

A bit of history

It all started in 1970 when Luv n' Care – the company behind Nûby in the United States – decided to bring high-quality, innovative products to the market for babies and parents. From the outset, ease of use, simplicity and fun were priorities in all their products.

 We are proud to say that we have been an exclusive partner of Luv n' Care since 1992. At Nûby Belgium – with the company name New Valmar – we distribute all Nûby products in large parts of Europe, Africa and the Middle East from our headquarters in Evergem.

Innovative potty training

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Privacy Policy

In order to ensure high-quality recruitment and selection processes we collect your personal data with the help of Jobtoolz, our online application platform.

The provision of this personal data is therefore a necessary condition to complete the application process.

When collecting and processing your personal data, we always comply with the regulations on the protection of personal data as well as the General Data Protection Regulation ("AVG" or GDPR).

For more information on how we process your personal data, we would like to refer you to our privacy policy.

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